International Journal of Advances in Soft Computing and its Applications IJASCA

In recent years, there emerged a need for Advances in Soft Computing (ASC) and its optimization solutions to evolve in various fields such as Actuarial Science, Financial Engineering, Water Resource Management, Remote Sensing, GIS, among many others. Solutions to the most of engineering problems have become easier by applying these technologies. The mushrooming births of advanced nature of inspired techniques and the new intelligent system architectures are often due to fusion and hybridization of different learning and adaptation of soft computing techniques. This new approach has addressed the limitations of individual technique.

This journal aims to bring together research in the area of Advances in Soft Computing, investigate the mathematical novel solutions and its applications as well as the future direction of this field that can be of great beneficial interest for mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers.

IJASCA is a peer-reviewed journal that incorporates three issues of high-quality papers per year. It publishes articles which contribute to all areas of Soft Computing. The process involves at least two specialist referees with fast, confidential and objective review. The IJASCA editorial team are pleased to consider your work for publication at any time.

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